Save HOtel PEnn

Monday is a meeting of the New York City Council Subcommittee on Zoning and Franchise. In addition to their normal duties of approving permits for sidewalk cafes and cell masts they are hearing Vornado Realty Trust's applications for zoning variances and other special planning exemptions for the building they plan to replace the Hotel Pennsylvania with. This hearing constitutes the last opportunity for 2600 and supporters of the Save Hotel Penn campaign to oppose Vornado's plans to demolish the hotel. Of course, if you follow either of those blogs then you quite likely are already aware of this.

For those who plan to attend I have a few suggestions (having attended a few similar hearings in the past and consulting with several planners and community advocates):
1. Dress like you belong or the role you are playing (for the social engineers this should be simple)
2. Follow the protocol. Speak when you are called, speak respectfully, keep your statements focused on the matters at hand and on the purpose of the committee, don't argue or make a fuss if you run out of time.
3. If for some reason you will attend but can't or don't want to speak you can submit written testimony. Be aware though written-only testimony will be given less weight when the committee makes it deliberations. Every bit helps though.
4. Passion for your issue is good, but don't over do it.

For those of you who won't be in attendance but would like to have their name noted as supporting my statement (or possibly the statements of another attendee supporting Save The Hotel) send an email with your name and boro of residence to me by 0900 Monday the 23rd. [I know, I'm not crazy about the real name thing but this is what they want and I won't be able to put your name down without that information. You can reach me at nite[dot]0wl[dot]2600[at]gmail. All of this information will be kept in the strictest confidence and will be removed and forgotten after the hearing.
No promises but I want to do everything I can to make sure we put on our best showing at the hearing.

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