Time marches on, so we must prepare

Wow, a bit over four and a half months since my last update (in my defense at least a quarter of that time was spent trying to stop procrastinating about it or trying to comeup with something at least slightly original to say). We have gotten closer to The Next HOPE (http://thenexthope.org/) and I have been wracking my mind trying to develop a decent talk after S1depocket seeded the idea at one of the NYC 2600 meetings, he's also suggested some even more outlandish ideas for projects and hacks for the conference (although our personal favorite will likely have to wait another two years as there just doesn't seem to be quite enough time to finish developing the presentation that would accompany it [a development of my earlier post "On Alternative Interfaces"] and put together the necessary gear).

Since that seems to put that idea in line for further development, particularly when included with some material on telepresence, I now have to figure out if I want to try that out this year or develop some of my other ideas for a talk; one about the history of copyright and DRM and another on the relationship and interfacing of people and machines (this is less about interface technologies and more about perception, emotion and psychology).

Now, while I doubt that I have many readers (if any), I would like to hear from them (assuming that they exist) as well as any web transients who stumble onto this. What do you think? Any particular preference on which topics I should pursue? Any ideas on things to include in one of these? Let me know in the comments.