Falling behind

It continues to surprise me how much I fall behind on or simply don't get done despite being unemployed. Some of it is perfectly sensible financial decisions like putting off an equipment upgrade or putting off working on a project that requires expensive supplies; other things I can only chalk up to procrastination, laziness and distractions (why didn't I write any of the three planned blog posts I came up with after the last 2600 meeting? Playing Fallout 3 is a remarkable time sink.) Now at least there are a couple of things I rather have to get out.

The first is that somehow an inebriation prompted idea for a Hackers viewing party for those that couldn't afford the charity benefit anniversary party earlier this month, actually has come together. Alpha One Labs has very kindly agreed to host a viewing and hang out event at their facility in north Brooklyn this Saturday (the 16th of October if you are in the future) at a price that I think just about anyone can agree is very wallet friendly: FREE. Donations are suggested and appreciated but not required, this does mean that drinks are BYOB but free doesn't pay for much. Psytech over at A1L has set up registration at http://hackers.eventbrite.com/. Go there and sign up to guarantee a seat (or several), you can choose between completely free registration (good for the cash strapped AND for those who prefer cash donations) or you can donate online as part of the reservation process. I hope to see plenty of NYC 2600 people there and don't forget to tell your friends!

The second item is is probably deserving of a more complete posting of it's own but I have let this go unsaid for too long as it is. Hackers, like the ones who attend NYC's 2600 meetings are some of the best people in the world. from simply being cool people to helping me look for job openings or when money is a bit tight. I just wanted all of you to know that you are some of the greatest people I know.