A short post this time while I try to rein in a much longer (and more rant-y) piece on a more serious topic.

I have never hidden my extreme dislike of Steve Jobs. I object to his deification by his followers^Wfans and the popular media. I found his attitude grating, his business practices and ideology distasteful, and his hypocritical, narcissistic self-aggrandizing at the expense of the brilliant engineers, designers, and developers who actually made the devices and products he built his fortune and reputation on to be repugnant.
So, I will certainly not be seeing the latest whitewashing of his legacy starring a current Hollywood darling.
I do not think you should either but, you do not have any reason to take my word for it (see the preceding several lines), just take a look at Steve Wozniac's reaction to this movie (https://www.google.com/search?q=Wozniak+reviews+Jobs, no I won't link directly to most of the sites because they are from Gawker) and decide for yourself. I will stick with "Pirates of Silicon Valley" and "iWoz".

Unlike Jobs, I have faith in my readers to be able to make their own decisions.

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