2011 in review

Since I have not managed to keep this updated as much as I had planned, I am going to try for a short summary of the year that we have just left.

1. My unemployment streak ended shortly after my initial unemployment insurance ran out, I now have a job that gives benefits instead of exclusively exploiting me and screwing me over.

2. I became a recovering smoker, like recovering drinkers and recovering sysadmins I have had my difficulties and my moments of unrecovery but e-cigarettes are helping me stay recovered.

3. In 2011 I recieved a diagnosis of Aspergers. This has ended years of ineffectual therapies and allowed me to make improvements in my life.

4. I have, after a prolonged period which left me increasingly bitter, entered a relationship. It has been a wonderful experience so far and we are very happy togeather.

5. Kickstarter has occasionally posed a threat to my wallet as there are so many deserving and interesting projects for geeks and hackers.

You might have noticed that the items listed here are generally positive, there is a reason. Unlike the past several years I have not had significant personal disasters or crises which stood out as a single event and any events that did hurt me or were definitively negative were of a very personal nature which does not need airing here.

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